Throughout other sections of this website, basic information about custody evaluations is available. This specific information is rarely ever provided to clients by attorneys. Because of that, most parents go into the custody evaluation process ill informed, ill prepared and often time, very naive. By using the information provided on this website, you will be in a much better position to select a custody evaluator who is competent and best suited for your case. You will also be better informed about the appropriate protocol that needs to be followed when conducting a custody evaluation as well as what a custody evaluation entails. Needless to say, there is considerable more information to be had. Since much of it is case specific, providing this type of information is beyond the scope of this website. If you wish mor detailed information, please call Dr. Reena Sommer at 281.534.3923 for a preliminary no-obligation consultation.

It is highly recommended that you have a consultation regarding the specifics aspects of your own custody evaluation. As you may soon find out, a critical factor in achieving a positive outcome in a custody evaluation is knowing how to effectively interact with the custody evaluator involved. Even when using an established protocol for custody evaluations, custody evaluators tend to have their own style or way of doing things. This means that a parent must know how to be responsive to the custody evalutor's specific way of conducting the custody evaluation. For example, it is important to know how to appropriately respond to questions asked and also to know what kind of information should be provided to the custody evaluator and when it is best to provide it. It is important to find out how you can communicate what you believe to be concerns about the other parent without coming across as "bad-mouthing". Since there is no blueprint or template for how to get through a custody evaluation, it is important to know how to be appropriately be responsive to your custody evaluator.

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Everyone's concerns are unique. For that reason, Dr. Reena Sommer invites you to call her without obligation for a 15-minute consultation to receive some initial direction about your specific concerns. You can reach Dr. Sommer directly by calling her at 281.534.3923.

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