It makes no sense to pursue litigation or another custody evaluation, both of which are very costly and stressful if there is no basis for doing so. For example. there are some cases where a custody evaluator has followed all of the prescribed steps only to arrive at recommendations regarding your children (based on his or her findings) that are very different from your own. In these instances, you are more or less stuck unless you can find some evidentiary basis (e.g., the custody evaluator neglected to consider some pertinent information) for disputing the custody evaluator's findings.

On the other hand, if methodological flaws are identified by reviewing the custody evaluation, some form of challenge should be a seriously considered. The nature and timing of the challenge are largely dependent on the type of methodological flaws found during the review of the custody evaluation, the stage of the case itself and the attorney's objectives for the case. This is something that clients need to discuss with their attorneys.

The value of having a custody evaluation reviewed is that if methodological flaws are found, an attorney has a sound basis to have it and the custody evaluator called into question. A properly conducted review of a custody evaluation relies on science and not opinion. Remember, that the failure to do anything about a suspect custody evaluation means that the custody evaluator's recommendations will be accepted as valid.

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